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Climate Products Market

Chinese climate product is an emerging trading category, including carbon emissions trading, green certificates, new energy vehicle quotas, energy rights and ecological asset accounting, etc.

Green Consulting

Help customers reduce their ecological footprint and propose sustainable development plans, such as green factories, green parks, green supply chains, building energy efficiency (LEEDs certificate), etc.

Electricity Selling

After the power reform in China, the local electricity price is defined by market competition, allowing qualified entities help customers enjoy preferential power prices lower than the catalog prices to reduce operating costs

Science-Based Target

Science-Based Target is a global initiative offering specific resources and guidance for different industries, assisting them to target at a emission reduction further below 2 ℃ or 1.5 ℃

Corporate Social Responsibility Report/ Environment, Social and Governance Report
(CSR/ESG Report)

Driven by the awareness of sustainable development, national policies, and investment needs of the market, companies shall communicate with stakeholders by required disclosure

Energy Efficiency

Introduce technology of improving energy efficiency to China through technology transfer and contract energy management

Carbon Emission Management System

To deal with the impact of the carbon market on companies, corporate emission shall be included as a management factors, supporting them to understand their status of carbon intensity in real time, while effectively improving the unified management of corporate carbon assets

Carbon Neutrality

Achieve carbon neutrality by calculating the emissions of enterprises, groups or individuals, as well as methods such as afforestation, CCERs, energy conservation and emission reduction.
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