RUIDE provides green solutions for companies to reduce their ecological footprint and propose sustainable development plans. RUIDE’s green consulting services cover areas including: green manufacturing(green parks, green factories and green supply chains), building energy efficiency and LEED certification, carbon asset management, green manufacturing system solution provider,etc.
Green Manufacturing
Green manufacturing is a production method for companies to implement sustainable development strategies. By actively integrating the concept of "green development" in the production process to reduce resource waste, companies will improve energy efficiency, achieve a coordinated balance between corporate income, resources and the environment, while supporting the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry.
  • Promote
  • Improve
  • Reduce costs
    and increase
    efficiency to
  • Support
    transform and


Beijing Shengtong
Printing Co., Ltd.

Application Project of National Green Supply Chain Management & Demonstration

Service Goal

Won the title of National Green Supply Chain Management Demonstration Enterprise.

Service Scope

  • Assist enterprises to create and improve green supply chain management
  • Prepare and submit application for demonstration enterprises of gre
  • Review and approve by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology & the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Hebei Yuanda
Co., Ltd.

National Green Factory Application Project

Service Goal

Evaluate green factories, provide technical support and service consultation.

Service Scope

Scope of green factory:

  • Establish and certify management system

    Establish green factory management system

    Energy management system, environment management system, quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, etc.

  • Consultation of greenhouse gas emissions

    Carbon footprint

    Carbon inventory, Carbon verification

  • Performance statistics and evaluation
  • Green factory evaluation document

Jinggangshan Economic
and Technological
Development Park

National Green Park Application Project

Service Goal

Compile the application materials for the National Green Park of Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, including the self-evaluation report and the third party appraisal report, submit the application to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology via Jiangxi Provincial Industry and Information Commission to be granted the national green park

Service Scope

Green park marking system:

  • Green energy use
  • Green resource use
  • Green infrastructure
  • Green industry
  • Green ecological environment
  • Green operation and management
Green building and LEED
Green building label and LEED in domestic and international certification systems
It is generally believed that ecological asset accounting includes two aspects: direct and indirect value accounting. The accounting method is based on the gross ecosystem production (GEP) or on natural resource balance sheet.

Green Building Label(GBL)

  • GBL is an evaluation process to rank green building levels and issue labels based on Green Building Evaluation Standards and Green Building Evaluation Technology Rules (Trial), according to the "Administrative Measures for Green Building Evaluation Labels (Trial)", an evaluation.
  • GBL has six indicators : land saving and outdoor environment, energy saving and energy utilization, water saving and water resource utilization, material saving and material resource utilization, indoor environment quality and operation management (residential buildings) or comprehensive life cycle performance (public buildings)

LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

  • LEED is a green building evaluation system
  • The principle is to effectively reduce the negative impact of the environment and residents in the design
  • The purpose is to provide a standard, complete and accurate concept of green building, prevent the over-greening of buildings
  • LEED evaluation system has nine aspects and several indicators including integration process, site selection and transportation, sustainable site, water conservation, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environment quality, innovation and regional priority. It’s a comprehensive survey and evaluation of the impact of a building on the environment


Beijing NUO Hotel


Beijing NUO Hotel (renovation of Yanxiang Hotel) is located at No. 2 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, with a total construction area of more than 160,000 square meters. It has a super five-star hotel-NUO Hotel and a 5A office building. The hotel leads the high-end housing construction with its top-end design, great engineering quality, and high-tech concept, boasting several “first-of-the kind” in China.
After winning the LEED-NC (new building or design and construction ) Gold Level and Luban Award, the hotel has been further upgraded and won the Platinum level of LEED-EB-V4 in April 2020 ( existing construction and operation category) assisted by RUIDE.
Carbon asset management
RUIDE supports companies to actively manage carbon assets
for maximized economic benefits and social value
According to the current
carbon asset trading system,
carbon assets can be divided
into carbon quota assets and
carbon reduction assets.
Companies has been or to be listedas the key emission units of the carbon trading system can obtain quota carbon assets through free acquisition or participation in government auctions;
Those not listed in the system or as key units can take reduce greenhouse gas emissions by in-house actions to obtain the carbon assets of emission reduction issued by the government.
Key and non-key emissions units can obtain quota carbon assets and emission reduction carbon assets through trading.

RUIDE assists customers to complete annual
carbon emission data management + quota performance service + carbon asset value-added service:

  • Carbon inventory
  • Declare carbon trading budget
  • Develop greenhouse gas emission report
  • Build capacity of carbon asset management
  • Coordinate with authorities and third parties to verify carbon asset
  • management Semi-annual report and annual report of carbon asset management
  • Develop and implement performance and trading strategy
  • Carbon emission quota and certified agency transaction of emission reduction performance
  • Develop and maintain carbon asset management system


Customer: a power plant affiliated
to a major power group

Service Goal

  • Carbon emission data management
  • Construction of carbon
    management system
  • Pilot operation and manage
    trading of carbon emission
    rights in the national carbon market

Service Scope

Assist in verifying annual carbon emissions data.
Works include:

  • Collect data, material and documents related to annual carbon emissions accounting
  • Complete the annual pre-verification report of carbon emission data
  • Participate in and assist clients in communicating with regulators and third-party verification agencies
  • Develop annual monitoring plan
  • Provide regular capacity building training

Assist customers to establish a complete carbon management system, determine the organizational structure of carbon emission rights management, carbon emission compliance management, carbon emission rights quota trading and management workflow, carbon emission compliance plans, carbon emission rights indicator trading and management plans, etc.

Assist customers in completing the registration account, and the works for opening account and trading of carbon emission rights quota, ensuring them to participate in managing and trading the quota timely, analyze carbon quota, verify and check emission status, formulate annual trading strategies for customers, and estimate the trading volume of carbon emission rights.

Supplier of green manufacturing system
To promote the optimal development of manufacturing industry and accelerate the green transformation for industry upgrading, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China started ranking of "Green Manufacturing System Solution Suppliers" since 2019, including technology or service enterprises in the areas of green key processes, common technical equipment for green manufacturing, green product design and manufacturing integration, green upgrading of factory digital setup, green industrial link, use of end product resources, integrated system to enhance basic capability for green industrial development data.


CHATONE Technology Co., Ltd.

Supported by RUIDE, CHATON is included in the recommended supplier list of green manufacturing system solution in 2020 by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It obtained the national level capabilities in green manufacturing system service with recognized strength in system integration and project implementation, known as a model of green manufacturing system solutions for data center

CHATONE Technology Co., Ltd. ("CHATONE")
was established in 1994 with a registered capital of RMB 308million.
It focuses on building and operating IT infrastructure
to serve emerging industries of smart technology
such as AI, cloud computing, big data, and the IoT.
CHATONE provides customers with complete and professional data center solutions,
ranking as the top in the industry for years.
It also boasts advantages in its brand influence and industry status