CSR/ESG Report Consulting

Interpret the latest national policy about information disclosure, analyzing key indicators, identify stakeholders, benchmark industry models and standards, report writing, and capacity building.

ESG Investment

Green finance consulting, including green credit, green bonds and the Equator Principles, etc.; ESG risk management, ESG core indicators and weighting for key industries, and ESG integrated investment.

Information System Platform

Indicator setting for ESG data collection, ESG management improvement, green financial data management, as well as the development and O&M of ESG data collection system etc.



Shanghai Dazhong Public

In the CSR/ESG report, Shanghai Dazhou Public Group disclosed their capacity building work both in the group and its subsidiaries according to the disclosure policy by the Exchange. The report will assist the group to determine the annual major disclosure agenda, establish the disclosure system of the group in CSR/ESG indicators, form disclosure strategy, collect and analyze information and data, design and write CSR/ESG report, as well as provide suggestions to improve follow-up management.
The indicators are disclosed as follows:

The environment indicators consider the company's impact on the environment and climate change

  • Emissions
  • Hazardous
  • waste
  • Non-hazardous waste Energy use
  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity protection, etc.

The social indicators focus on the employee relations, consumer protection, supply chain management of the company

  • Types and number of employees
  • Training and development of employees
  • Products and services
  • Supply chain management
  • Anti-corruption
  • Social investment, etc.

The governance indicators is directly related to the operation of core business, including its management system, structure and policies, etc.

  • Shareholder structure
  • Composition of the board of directors
  • Compensation and Incentives
  • Financial policies, etc.