As the system reforms progressing and the launching of the carbon markets, new opportunities and challenges are emerged for all entities. The carbon emission quota mechanism for key emission contributors will directly affect their daily operation in the future. They shall also consider the comprehensive cost impacts in other factors such as market carbon prices, carbon asset performance management, CCER management, transaction management, project development management, price forecasts, carbon asset custody, renewable energy quotas, green certificates and energy-using rights.
The carbon emission management platform by RUIDE
allowing companies to manage carbon emissions and operate in specialized market to improve profitability.

The most important advantage of the platform is to effectively manage users’ carbon assets, supporting their asset management to play a leading role in the industry.

Take a lead in implementing the unified management of carbon assets, namely “unified management, unified accounting, unified issuance, and unified transaction”.

Through the carbon trading management platform, users will realize unified carbon management and trading, using the tools for data support and management, while managing carbon emissions, carbon assets, carbon custody, carbon trading, carbon projects, and carbon emission reduction businesses all in one place. By integrating related business processes, it will improve corporate carbon management and carbon asset operation efficiency.